My monthly Instagram report and July plan

Jul 8

June didn’t have a big flashy statistic like “115% increase” like last month, but overall, I was super pleased with my Instagram results for the month. Above all else, I gained tons of valuable insight for next steps for July and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love what I discovered too, so check it.

The June Instagram plan was to:

  • Replicate successful hashtags with the most reach.
  • Create shareable content to increase my reach
  • Test auto-scheduling at noon vs noon manual posting with hashtags in comments
  • Plan pre-launch content in advance to minimalize interference with other launch responsibilities

The June Instagram results were: 

  • 13% increase in impressions
  • 5% increase in reach
  • 30% decrease in average engagement rate by post
  • 1% decrease on average engagement on reach per post
  • 7% increase in total likes
  • 50% increase in comments received
  • 95 follower evolution

My June Instagram report takeaways are:

Overall, I expected both in increase in impressions and reach because I posted 17 more times compared to the previous month AND I copied successful hashtags with the most reach and ended up reaching a total of 62k people– whoop!

Though my average engagement rate on post went down by 30%, I’m not concerned at all because last month I had 2 particular posts that were way above average and skyrocketed my average. Plus, the “average engagement on reach” is more important to me anyways (and was only negatively impacted by 1%) because it calculates the engagement on who actually saw your posts, not based on how many total followers you have.

I was also super pumped about the 50% increase in comments because I’ve been testing new “calls to action” (CTA’s) from my upcoming product shop launch and was over the moon to see that they not only have worked for my past clients but for my own business as well!

Lastly, I wanted to test out auto-posting with hashtags in the comments but honestly, I still had to show up at the time I posted my posts anyway so I could engage with comments and it just felt more authentic to me. So instead, I chose to test out more niche hashtags in my comments– more on those results below.

June interesting insights:

I’ve been playing with the wording in my Instagram bio to a) see if there is a correlation in follows/unfollows and b) trigger more website clicks –you know, so I can actually get people OFF the Gram. 🙂

The results? 15% increase in profile clicks!

The curve ball?  I was also testing calls to action in my stories and posts as I mentioned above so I’m not able to say with 100% accuracy that the increase in profile clicks was from the new bio wording or if it was due to the calls to action, BUT i also noticed this…

Did you see what happened? Though I got 8 less followers month over month, the growth rate increased and is steadily daily. That means I’m averaging more new daily followers than the prior month.

I went back to the dates that showed a spike in follows and unfollows (where you see the dips in the line graph) to look at the post because my speculation was that it must have been a top performing post that gained a lot of visibility…and I was right. 

That “shareable” content I told you that I was going to test in June to boost my reach and follows? It worked! The downside was that not of the followers stuck around long and after further digging, I realized it’s very likely due to the broad hashtags I used to increase my reach for that particular post.

I typically include some broad hashtags (ones with millions of hashtags already being used) to boost my reach, but since using more niche hashtags and switching up my Instagram bio, I’ve noticed my daily follower evolution increasing AND sticking around.

Long story short–I think my new bio is crystal clear to attract my ideal client, has a strong CTA to increase clicks, and between that and my CTA’s in my posts…I’m getting more quality followers who are interested in the relevant content I’m cranking out. #winning

So what’s my July plan?

For July I plan to:

  • Continue testing more niche hashtags and finding new ones to add to my go-to list to increase reach.
  • Get some social media collaborations going to help me cross promote my brand and build hype for my launch. Interested in helping me? Shoot me an email right here.
  • Test new hashtags in my stories to increase reach not just from my posts, but Instagram stories as well…because I’ve been slacking there 🙈

I had high hopes of launching the new SIB shop and membership platform in June but an impromptu 4th of July vacay and the decision to put in time into building a solid foundation instead of just a quickie launch has me aiming for July now– and I’m finally at peace with that. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, that’s the plan!


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  1. Polly says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips and info! I’m excited about your growth and am looking forward to seeing your shop/launch! I plan to start this week posting on my IG feed daily and will be proud to hashtag your account! As always cheering you on girl, and praying God’s best!










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