7 insanely helpful entrepreneur tools from Amazon for your business

Jul 15

In honor of my favorite online store and #amazonprimeday2019, I’m sharing 7 insanely helpful entrepreneur tools from Amazon to next-level your business so you can command higher prices, be more effective, and look like a pro.

*And yes this post definitely contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you purchase any of my favorite products from my links, you help provide for my fam and keep the lights on for She Is Bold.

1.The Passion Planner

A She Is Bold must-have, the Passion Planner is an all in one goal planner, daily planner, and motivational journal/notebook to help me plan and achieve all my biz and life goals. I used to keep 3 separate notebooks on my desk but found that I needed ONE that I could keep open and focused on all day because I would hardly keep the others open out of lack of desk space and felt TERRIBLE never writing in all of them routinely after all the money I had spent.🙈

This passion puppy allows me to see my week laid out hourly and has a monthly calendar built in as well, has space for my personal to-do’s AND work to-do’s, and each week there’s an “infinite space of possibility” section that I can quickly jot down notes on instead of reaching for a separate notebook or post-it.

I traded in my Simplified Planner, Powersheets, and pretty pink notebook combo for this all-inclusive, black leather beauty after years of trying to keep up with all the other coveted creative planners. Oh, and did I mention for every one you purchase they give one to someone in need?? How cool is that!?

2.Selfie ring light and phone holder that clips on to anything

To be honest, I spent WAY too long overthinking this $16 purchase. I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I wasted trying to record and RE-record videos of myself or tutorials because I couldn’t hold the phone still, be nearby a stand-up ring light, or get the perfect angle to block out all the kid junk in my background. Now I can finally talk to my audience hands-free and glow like a pro with this clip-on ring light and phone holder combo.

3.Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition

I thought these things were just for podcasters when I first launched my online coaching biz and always wanted one! Needless to say, when my coach told me it was highly recommended for my very first webinar to eliminate sounding like an amateur recording in a bathroom- I was super excited! I considered going a cheaper route but honestly, I’m glad I spent the extra $20+ dollars and didn’t have to stress about it not being compatible with my MacBook. 

PS. I’m obsessed with my black on black “Blackout Edition” look, but they have tons of fun colors to match any brand!

4.Extra-wide 24″ AOC monitor for a second computer screen

It could very well be that spending 7+ years in corporate marketing trend tracking and deep-diving into marketing analytics on two separate computer monitors– made me *slightly* biased towards having a second computer screen for my very own business BUT, I can’t imagine work life any other way!

My separate, extra-wide AOC 24″ monitor allows me to:

  • Design on one screen and reference something on the other…
  • Draft a blog post on one screen and reference a website on the other…
  • Have Essentially 3 screens (see below) which is super helpful for things like hosting a webinar and trying to juggle a script, slide show, and chatbox simultaneously…

…you get the picture. 

Those shiny iMacs just weren’t in my budget and I didn’t want to break the bank on any more work gear so this affordable AOC 24” monitor was both techy husband and marketing nerd approved!

5.Paper backdrops and foam boards for branded photography and brand staging

One of my all-time favorite things to do for my brand is BRAND my brand with custom photography. I’ve invested in several branded photoshoots for both my SR brand and the She Is Bold brand and I’m DYING for our upcoming community photoshoot this month!

I wholeheartedly believe that this investment was one of the main reasons I booked clients within my first 30 days of launching my coaching biz and it gave me the confidence I needed to show up for my brand across social media. Nothing showed the value of “custom” services more than having custom branded photography and now, I can’t market my biz without it.

Having paper backdrops and foam boards on hand creates a solid background for branding photos like headshots and flat lays but also for video recording backdrops– which is super helpful if you’re workspace isn’t exactly on brand like mine. Being able to use the same backdrop each time also helps me create brand consistency and awareness for my social media platforms. Check out my faves below.

6.Neewer backdrop stand for cloth and paper backdrops

Ok, so this one is basically necessary for the above-mentioned paper roll unless you have a giant wall and some sturdy tape to hold up your backdrop. There are tons of backdrop stand options but this one packed the most value because it also came with a case, adjustable height legs, and several cloth backdrops as well which were super nice! The storage bag is also super convenient and a total space saver– which in a house of 3 kids, is a must-have!

7.Fotopro camera and iPhone tripod

Ok real talk? Coming up with pictures– especially on brand ones and those that aren’t a giant selfie face shot is really hard as a solopreneur! Having this iphone and camera tripod on hand will allow you to create content more consistently and show up for your audience more routinely. It even has a remote control which I geeked about for weeks lol. The best part is that I got to ditch the awkwardness of having my picture taken and just take them of myself!

These are my top favorite tools for my online business, but I have tons more over in my Amazon storefront including all my fave pink and black office decor so swing by and check it out!

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