Why your personal brand needs strategic marketing not just regular marketing

Apr 22

Why your personal brand needs strategic marketing and not just regular marketing? So you don’t end up stressing and wasting your time with #allthemarketing things, just the right ones.

Get ready to learn:

  • the difference between marketing and strategic marketing,
  • my top 3 go-to types of marketing I include in my “strategic” marketing plan each month,
  • and 3 ways to start strategically marketing TODAY!

What is the difference between marketing and strategic marketing?

First things first, let’s start by clarifying what regular “marketing” even is: the promoting and selling of all your products. So obviously you need this in your business because if you aren’t promoting your business, how will anyone know about it? And if you aren’t selling anything, how will you make any money, honey??

So what then is strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing is intentionally planning all the marketing to-do’s that are in line with and point to your business’s goals.

Your goals are WHY you’re marketing and the intentionality and strategy you put behind your marketing to-do’s is what makes it strategic.

AND strategic marketing (or at least mine…) also makes sure your marketing is in line with your mission and overall business vision because making sure everything is also in line with that personal “why” will make your strategy not just profitable, but MEANINGFUL. #winning

When you’re strategic you can quickly and more effectively answer questions like:

  • What on Earth should I even blog about this week?
  • What should I post to social media today?
  • Should I create this product first or that one?
  • How should I prioritize my to-do list this week?



  • is this marketing task in alignment with my vision and call on my life?
  • does this marketing plan feel meaningful to me?
  • is there a purpose for this action or is it just a waste of time?


Trust me, I get it. Marketing can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and straight-up exhausting… but the good news? They don’t have to be when you learn how to be strategic!

Does time-saving, meaningful marketing tools sound good to you?? Sweet! Then keep on reading.

3 marketing strategies I include in my “strategic” marketing plan:

1.Email marketing. I offer exclusive free resources, live workshops, and a private community for women to join my email list and email them regular content to provide value and stay connected. Why is it strategic?? Because my goal is to convert my readers to customers and this is my favorite marketing way to do that.

2.Social media marketing. Because a)I need to stay ahead of my competition and b) it gives me the platform to connect on a more personal level with my ideal readers! (Plus promote #3 below….)

3.Content marketing. I provide relevant, useful, and inspiring content that solves my ideal client’s problems to build trust and authority in my niche… so they will hopefully be forever fans (and clients!) It’s strategic because I plan this type of content around the same time as my product or service launches so that I can build hype and anticipation prior to my exact launch.

So for example, if I’m launching a Content Calendar Template one month, my marketing to-do list for the month might look like:

  • write a blog post about my favorite content planning apps
  • share a behind the scenes look at my calendar on IG stories one week
  • poll my audience about what their biggest struggle is for content planning
  • host a Facebook live about using hashtags relevant to their content
  • etc.

By using these 3 strategies every single month I’m making sure that my content is a) seen, b) connecting on a personal level, and c) converting!

And psst…I highly recommend that your marketing strategy does all of those 3 things too! 😉

3 ways you can start strategically marketing in your business:

  1. Not sure how to start a strategic marketing plan? Read this blog post and make sure you’re mastering this one strategy before adding any others to your plan…
  2. Join a community of like-minded women like ours so you can get answers to all your questions, stay unstuck, and build momentum like crazy. Plusss, you’ll get sneak peek access to our soon-to-launch shop that’ll hook you up with all the strategic marketing things you need to succeed! Planning to seek help and utilize resources is one of the first steps to being more strategic with your plan and will help you accomplish your goals quicker!
  3.  Start familiarizing yourself with basic business numbers to steer your business planning in the right direction.
    1. Look at your “Reach” in your Instagram business account to see which posts are getting you the most new eyeballs to your content and try to replicate content or strategy that is similar to grow your audience.

    2. Look at your open rates in your email service provider to see what content is getting the most opens so you can plan more useful content or swap out subject lines to see what’s more engaging.

    3. Look at your Google Analytics to see how many new visitors your website is getting and where they’re coming from. Are they coming from Pinterest or Facebook? See where they’re coming from most and try to jumpstart your growth by ramping up your efforts for those particular channels.

The more strategic, intentional actions you take in your business, the sooner you’ll be able to:

  • Wake up each morning and know exactly which marketing things to work on…and why.
  • Plan ahead and be pro-active, not reactive.
  • Scale your business with confidence.
  • Forecast how your next big idea contributes to your bottom line…or not.


and quit wasting time on marketing things that don’t matter to you or your business!

Skipped to the end of this post? It’s cool boo, just make sure at minimal, you join our list to get exclusive access to all our best strategic marketing tools and a community of like-minded, ambitious women.

Stay bold.

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