What’s a brand story and how to find yours

Jun 17

Your brand’s story is the heart and soul of your business; the foundation that all your business decisions are built upon. Your brand’s story is also what your readers say about your brand behind your back so ya… I thought it’d be *kind of* important to share: “What’s a brand story and how to find yours” today.😉

A brand story is often described as the “story” that you weave into your marketing messaging to create an emotional connection with your readers and set yourself apart from everyone else. But your brand’s story is a lot of things.

Your brand story is:

  • Your brand’s purpose; It’s the narrative of why your business even exists, what you want to be known for, and gets readers excited to come along for wherever you’re headed.
  • The story that makes your brand so different from anyone else’s product or service, that they buy from you over someone else.
  • The feelings and vibes your brand puts off from all the imagery, messages, and customer or reader experiences you deliver.
  • The mission for your brand (why your business exists, who you serve, how you do it, and WHY).
  • The story of what other people say about your brand (whether you like it or not).

Without a brand story, your brand is just noise and another commodity on these internet streets so it’s important that you know how to find yours and steward it well.

How to find your brand story

  1. Get crystal clear about your business mission and write your mission statement down. Swipe this SIB example for inspiration.
  2. Think back to why you even started this business. What change did/do you hope to see? What gap were you hoping to fill? Write that down.
  3. Answer “What big vision do you have for your company?” then create a short 1-2 paragraphs to summarize your brand story like the below example.

Here’s the She Is Bold brand story we weave into our marketing messages:

“We saw women burying their spiritual gifts, too afraid to share them, not sure where to even start, and feeling like their God-given dreams were impossible in a sea of IG “perfection”. We saw them following ALL the Instagram accounts (the one for Bible study, the one for inspiration, the one for career growth, the one for motherhood…), stressing over not being able to afford expert advice and coaching to grow their business, and not feeling like anyone understood their practical and spiritual needs… or cared.

So we made a place where women could have the perks they deserved and the community they craved…a “one-stop shop” digital platform and lifestyle brand jam-packed with practical marketing advice from pros and gifted bible study leaders….Stories of successes AND failures… and a real, trustworthy community– you know, where she could also talk about the struggles of the day-today life, seek advice, pray or get prayed for, AND #allthemarketingthings.

Oh, and we decided it should be given to them… for free.

Because our vision? It’s that every woman would be equipped with the tools and community she needs to boldly steward her gifts and story…to be the kingdom builder she was called to be.

And so She is Bold was born.”

Our brand story is just one element and core component to any successful marketing message, but it is one we take so seriously, that we write it down so we can come back to our “why” for all those sticky business decisions or moments of needed clarity. By doing this for your brand, you’ll be able to create more meaningful, successful work too.

If you want to be a part of the #sheisbold movement and learn how to steward your business better, you can join our free membership community right here. No credit cards, no catch. Just our ministry to you.


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