9 ways to save time blogging

Apr 8

They say content is King, but no one ever tells you it takes FOREVER to actually create it. Stats show that once you get 51 useful blog posts, your traffic will increase by 53%. And traffic will triple once you hit 100 posts. But the problem?? Experts tell you to find a super compelling headline…start off with a killer intro…make the article skimmable…find relevant pictures…give proper citations for said relevant pictures…and ahhh don’t forget to make sure you have SEO keywords! The list of necessities is straight-up time consuming for those who are taking blogging seriously. That’s why I’m sharing my best time-saving blog tips with you today…because YES, you do need a blog but please don’t waste your time taking 1-2 days like I used to or you’ll never even have time to promote it!

Ways to save time blogging:

  • Find a good blogging template.

    • Because only rookies write from scratch! Get your creative juices flowing when you’re feeling stuck and make sure you’re writing copy that converts your readers into customers– because that’s kind of what your whole online business is about, Amen? I love this insane blog post with in depth blog copywriting templates. You can easily find a few go-to blog formats that work for you and with enough practice, you won’t even have to think about how to write a blog post in the future!

  • Download a SEO friendly plugin.

    • I use wordpress for blogging and am obsessed with YOAST. It’s free and dubbed “The #1 SEO plugin for WordPress” and rightfully so! It shows me how I’m doing with keywords, how “readable” my content is, and even if there is any duplicate out on the internet streets.

  • Search for done-for-you blog post headlines.

    • Save time crafting killer headlines by saving a good handful to your Pinterest board. The headline is going to be what makes someone even want to open your blog post to begin with so don’t skimp on this one– get started with some done-for-you headline ideas over here.

  • Break down the task of “create a blog post”.

    • Just seeing “create a blog post” on my to-do list gave me serious anxiety while I was still spending 1-2 days to write one. Now, I keep it simple. I break down my to-do list into micro-tasks so it’s less overwhelming. Those tasks now look something like: “Write a headline.” , “Create the blog post introduction.” , and “Create a call to action for the end of blog post.”. Then I can also see that each one of those should only take X minutes and be more mindful of how long I’m spending on each micro-task.

  • Create a must-have-for-YOU checklist.

    • I know a GOOD blog post requires a lot of elements, but if you’re just getting started with blogging especially, keep your momentum by creating a must-have checklist for Y.O.U. Maybe you start with something simple like “Create a killer headline” and “Write a blog post using one of the copywriting templates”. Skip the graphics to start or the SEO even. Get comfortable with writing and cranking out content to keep your momentum and get in the habit of blogging regularly before you get so bogged down with all the “must-haves” for everyone else that you just quit altogether. Psst…did you notice I don’t have one picture in this post? I’m adding it later so I don’t stress it now. #doneoverperfect

  • Grammarly

    • You need to look professional but hey, ain’t nobody got time to manually check spelling and grammar. Install Grammarly for free and it’ll follow you everywhere– captions for Instagram and all. #yourwelcome

  • Store content ideas as you think of them

    • If you’re like me, you get genius content ideas at the most inconvenient times. Store ideas as they come to you in a Google doc or on your iphone note app. There’s tons of great idea apps out there too for free like Evernote to organize all of your creative business ideas.

  • Plan your content around your upcoming promos.

    • Quit worrying about what to write about next by being strategic with your content. Are you promoting a new product this month? Then make a few blog posts that tie into a piece of your product. Do you have a new service offering coming up? Create a blog post about just one of the new processes that you plan to offer and end with a relevant call to action to check out your new service.

  • Write basic.

    • “Basic” to you, isn’t “basic” to everyone else. Things that come naturally to you aren’t natural for everyone else so keep that in mind when you start overcomplicating your blog posts or waste time trying to make it complex just so an influencer will think you’re legit. (Not that I would know anything about wasting time doing that 🤦‍♀️)

There you have it. Start being intentional with creating a time-saving blogging system and you’ll be way more inclined to actually write blog posts– and have time to promote them. Boom, you’re a pro.

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