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Make the editorial brand design trend (or any trend) your own with these simple tips

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Looking to freshen up your brand design with a new trend? Whether you’re look for an all new rebrand or just want to hop on the latest trend and incorporate a little of it because you love it, let’s make sure you’re not blending in with everyone else. Swipe these tips to make the editorial brand design trend (or any trend for that matter) your own so you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Before I hit you with the tips to make the editorial brand trend your own, I think it’s important to note what “editorial” and editorial brand design is. Editorial by definition is “relating to the commissioning or preparing of material for publication such as a magazine or newspaper”. It’s also defined as the newspaper or magazine article itself, kinda like the words of this blog post- editorial is the actual content.

So what is editorial branding then? It’s a graphic design style that puts off those newspaper or magazine vibes.

Intrigued by the magazine look and want it for your brand? Keep reading so you don’t look like everyone else who is already doing it.

01. Choose specific brand elements from the editorial trend to incorporate into your branding

Start a pinning marathon of “editorial brand design” and other similar “editorial brand and website design” search terms on Pinterest and create a board. From there, choose 1 or 2 “brand elements” to incorporate into your brand.

For example, you might choose large vertical typography as a brand element you saw from a website you like (like the Willow template I’ve previously used) and then a multi-column text layout from a graphic design image you like, like how one of my favorite website shops, Tonic Site Shop uses in their media kit template.

Choosing just one or two of these “brand elements” will help you put your own spin on this trend as you move on to step 3.

Other examples of an editorial brand element/ my favorite examples of this are:

  • Drop Cap lettering
  • Full body cut outs or product cut outs (think collage-style cut-out images with the background removed) like you’ll see at the very end of this blog post
  • Mixed font pairing (like using the same type but different fonts in headlines like say, Playfair Display all caps and Playfair Display italic all in the same line of text)
  • Asymmetrical imagery layouts

02. Combine the editorial brand design trend with elements from one or two elements from other brand styles or trends

The trick to making any brand style your own? Combine elements from different brand styles. Because never have I ever had a client that has said “My vision is just one style.” and if you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet your vision isn’t either. We’re born multi-faceted and unique. This step helps you show that!

Here’s an example. Let’s say my combined brand style is “edgy boho editorial”. An example of combining brand elements could look like:

  • columned text layout
  • vertical all caps typography
  • moody color palette
  • Boho style props and decor for brand photos

By combining brand styles and brand elements from each, you create a unique-to-you design style and aesthetic that no one else has vs finding a logo or website and saying “I want a style like this”… and looking like everyone else.

03. Put it all into action + conclusion

Once you have a list of your combined brand style elements, you can start implementing them into all your design needs. Combine your newfound brand elements with your colors and fonts and you’ve got a unique brand identity.

Add your brand elements to your social media graphics.

Style your website with your brand elements.

Use your brand elements consistently to boost brand awareness, recognition, and trust with your audience.

Using these few tips will not only ensure that the editorial brand design trend, or any design trend, is unique, but will also ensure longevity and make it easier to refresh your brand identity as it evolves over the years. AKA you wont have to rebrand every 6 months when a new trend drops 🤗 .

Want to make sure you’re choosing brand elements for the right brand styles? Curious about what your brand style should be and how to make it all aesthetic?

Download my entire FIND YOUR BRAND STYLE freebie guide here to make sure your brand style is communicating the right brand messages for your audience.


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