How to share your faith in your business when you have no idea how or are just getting started.

Mar 4

By Jessica Vickers, Couples & Fashion Photog, Educator, and Purpose-driven Shop Owner.

4 ways to share your faith in your business when you have no idea how.

Do you ever struggle with sharing who you are in Christ in your business?

You care so much about your work, and you know you wouldn’t be where you were if it weren’t for Jesus – so you want the world to know He’s who gets the credit. But the only issue you’re having is, how?

Oh, friend. I remember the pull.

I remember feeling like God had really placed it on my heart to do photography, and it was so much more to me than just taking pretty pictures of people.

It was more than a job, it was a calling – and I was determined to do it well.

Fast forward almost five years, and I’ve managed to build a brand on purpose-driven photography and educational resources for women of faith.

Now mind you, I didn’t figure out how to share my faith through my business overnight. It took time. It took tears. And it took a lot of “God, do this through me” kinda prayers.

But, over the years I’ve managed to find a balance that works really well for me and blesses each and every client I work with, (as well as the people who follow me!)

However, before we officially dive into the top five tips on how to share your faith in your biz, I wanna cue a record scratch. Ya ready?

Before you can bloom and start sharin’ your faith well on the outside through your business, you have to make sure your roots are healthy on the inside.

“Okay, so what does that look like Jess?”

Well, it’s spending time in the Word. Spending time in prayer. Talking to Jesus regularly and asking Him the best way for you to be sharing His good news, and serving those around you with your business. He’s gonna have the best recommendations around! 😉

Truth is, your life preaches a better sermon than your lips ever will – and the way you treat the people you work with, and for – will say a lot about who, and whose, you are. When you’re focused on the health and well being of your faith on the inside, it can’t help but radiate on the outside. Remember that city on a hill thing? You got it!

Now, onto some practical steps on how to share your faith in your biz:


1. Pray before your sessions

Again, this isn’t technically something you’re doing on the outside – BUT God will show up and show out through you in your work when you get your heart right, and eyes fixed on Him. I pray before every single one of my sessions, (because truth is, sometimes I still get nervous to shoot!) If you’re a photographer, you can pray before your actual in-person sessions like I do. Or, if you’re another service based biz – pray before your online calls and

And because I do… Jesus always calms me down and allows me to end up with a couple or a senior whose heart is full, and I’m able to provide them with incredible images to show for the time we spent together. “All to Him I owe.”

2. Weave wise words into your website copy & social media accounts

Now we’re talkin, here’s that “to-do” list kinda tip. 😉 So, an obvious way to dip your toes into sharing your faith is to weave words other Believer’s recognize throughout your website copy and social media accounts. You know the ones I’m talkin’ about, the ones we hold real dear to our hearts. Here’s a few to get your wheels turnin’:

{ Called, calling, answer the call, kingdom-focused, purpose-driven, purpose, mission, on mission, grace-filled, grace, steward, redeem – ya feel!? }

This helps you speak to what’s called your “ideal client.” And if you’re speaking to your ideal client, then it won’t be as awkward to share your faith – because they’ll likely be believers too!

Ever heard the sayin’ “your vibe attracts your tribe?” Your kinda people will pick up what you’re puttin’ down, and those who don’t – won’t. (It’s a good thing, promise!) This is more or less a form of attracting and repelling, and boy do I wish I’d have done it from the start.

3. Change the way you share your client work

If you’re a photographer, and are typically sharing sessions by saying something like, “Kristen and Travis’ epic anniversary shoot is on the blog, check it out,” then try instead to elaborate on who they are as a couple (from your perspective,) and how beautiful marriage is to you, or what it means to you. Here’s a screen grab of a caption I shared of a couples anniversary shoot, that weaved in some faith bits throughout.

If you’re a web designer, then instead of just sharing a screenshot of your client’s project, try elaborating on them as a person and what it meant to you to work with them. Talk about how providing clarity through their design can help them better chase their calling.

4. Fuse your faith into the works of your biz

We all know that faith without works is dead, right? So, how can you do the work and actually be Jesus’ hands and feet in your biz?

Well, there’s a few ways sister.

One of them? By extending grace, even when you don’t feel like it. When you do get that difficult client (‘cause there’s one in every crowd,) give them grace. I don’t mean let them walk all over you, I just mean reacting in a way Jesus would, and doing what Jesus would do. You know what integrity is – operate by it.

Another way to put faith to work is by sharing what you know – for free. (I’m not saying you have to share everything for free, all the time, but it’s a surefire way to make sure you’re keeping God first and are not only tithing financially (which is super important too,) but tithing of your time as well. Be the person for that new biz owner that you wish you had when you started; and if you did have her– take that torch and pass it on.

So to sum it up, here are four ways to share your faith in your business:

1. Pray before your sessions

2. Weave wise words into your website copy & social media accounts

3. Change the way you share your client work

4. Fuse your faith into the works of your biz

So let’s do this. Let’s run on mission. Let’s make this industry as beautiful as we know it can be. After all, we’re all just creatives meant to serve the ultimate Creator.

If you’re a photographer and ya liked this little gem, you’ll LOVE this guide on how to create a photography business that stands out. (Cause that’s what we all want, right!?)




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