How Lindsay runs her pay-it-forward business.

Mar 10

We  love the multi-meaning word “bold” and are constantly looking for more Christian women to partner with who help us represent this bold brand proudly… so it was no surprise when we found Lindsay Cornish from Full Heart Co and saw how differently she ran her pay-it-forward business, that we just had to reach out!

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We’re honored that she took the time to share with us the heart behind Full Heart Co. and her top 3 ways to incorporate her passion for giving back into her business strategy.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m Lindsay the owner/designer of Full Heart Co. I create hand-lettered designs for women with a heart for others, in order to inspire and encourage a life of joy, influence, and grace.

Over the years the Lord has blessed me with countless opportunities to see first-hand the amazing work that He is doing through so many non-profit organizations. The people that make up these organizations, the lives they impact and the missions they live out make my heart full. This creative business was started out of the overflow of my heart.

3 way I include giving back in my business

(and how you can too!)

1. I host blog post interviews

This is where the heart of the business comes to life. Through my involvement with various non-profits I have met some incredible women. These women are making such a beautiful mark on the world from behind the scenes. I knew that part of my purpose was to highlight them. Not only can they tell stories of the non-profits they work for better than anyone but, they are downright amazing. I also think that we can learn so much from them. I want my readers and customers to be inspired by these women. I want them to know that just like them they are capable of so much! I want my readers and customers to turn around and leave their brilliant mark on the world just like these women have. The FHC Blog is about highlighting non-profits, the incredible women that work behind the scenes + inspiring readers to do the same.

2. I donate a portion of my proceeds

Prior to starting Full Heart Co I always wished I could do more for the non-profits I volunteered with. I wanted to create something that would give back. That’s where Full Heart Co began. My creative gift met my heart for others. I would love to get to a place financially where a portion of every single product in the Full Heart Co shop gives back to a non-profit. But, don’t be afraid to start somewhere. That’s what I have learned. Starting somewhere and showing up is so much better than never doing anything.

3. I send updates through my email newsletter

I love occasionally sharing updates on these non-profits with my e-mail subscribers. The Full Heart Co newsletter is still a work in progress but, it provides another incredible resource for giving back. Keeping people connected to the non-profits in the shop + on the blog is a special way to make a difference.

And now? I want to encourage you to step out and do the thing that Lord is calling you to do.

I resisted starting this business for two whole years. I was scared. I was a Pediatric Nurse who knew absolutely nothing about running a business. I thought the Lord was asking the wrong person to do this. I thought He had given me the wrong dream. But, He kept pursuing and I finally listened. Saying “yes” was the best decision I have ever made.

If you feel that the Lord is calling you to start a business, say “yes”. If you feel that He is calling you to use your business to give back in some way, say “yes”. You have a community of women here, myself included, who are excited to come alongside you and cheer you on!

I’m also going to do something special for YOU! Click right here  I’ll send you a 25% of coupon code for the shop! You will also receive access to all future e-mail bestie promotions! As mentioned above, e-mail besties receive updates on blog posts and featured non-profits too! I cannot wait to connect with you!!!!”

I mean, how generous could this chick get?? If you loved hearing from her as much as we did, be sure to give her a follow over on the ‘Gram as well.

Oh, and if you’d like a chance to be featured on our blog too, don’t forget to check this out.


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