24 Valentine’s Day content ideas for you to swipe.

Feb 11

Valentine’s Day content ideas can be hard for some of us who feel like we don’t have a product to put on sale, are single, or heck just because you have no clue what kind of content to crank out in general!

And though it is hard for us to always be so dang creative, it’s crucial for your marketing content to be timely AND relevant in order to be successful.

The good news? Content creation is my jam and I’ve come up with quite a few Valentine’s Day content ideas and done-for-you social media concepts for you to promote online. And if you want to make some extra Valentine’s Day sales this month, make sure you read these Valentine’s Day content ideas below because:

  1. 80% of holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before they make a purchase. (Wordstream)

  2. It’s a great way to generate new email leads with timely, relevant content (plus you can repurpose it next year!).

  3. Everyone else is doing it so you need to stay ahead of your competition!

So let’s make sure you stay timely and relevant this week, ok? K. 

Here are 24 Valentine’s Day content ideas for you to swipe and use in your online business.

  1. Promote a special sale for your product shop. Consider creating a pop-up for your website visitors.
  2. Create a new download to grow your email list (perhaps a Valentine’s Day checklist, scripture or writing prompt about love,  printable cards/quote prints, etc).
  3. Share how you celebrate Valentines Day with your kids in your social media posts or stories. Do you make goodie bags? Can you share a recipe? Can you pin your craft to Pinterest? Get traffic to your website sharing about these seasonal ideas.
  4. Share how you’re celebrating with your significant other (or galentine or dog). Is there a gift he gave you that you can take a picture of and tag on social media to get more brand awareness?
  5. Share an encouraging post about how Valentine’s is hard for you and how you overcome the struggle.
  6. Crowdsource Valentine’s Day gift ideas on Instagram stories to boost DM engagement.
  7. Email your list an exclusive promotion just for them.
  8. Share your Valentine’s day outfit with shoppable links in your Instagram and blog posts.
  9. Promote your affiliate partnerships with a bonus incentive just for Valentines Day. Like if you promote Honeybook, offer them an exclusive Honeybook template for signing up before Valentine’s day. (I’m personally offering my 50% off code this year and giving every person that signs up all of my exact email templates, onboarding and off-boarding strategies, upselling techniques, and more— FOR FREE with this code right here.)
  10. Reach out to existing 1-on-1 clients (or recent leads!)  with a special discount or added bonus to upsell your service package, continue with more services, or to sweeten the deal to encourage them to sign up NOW if you have an outstanding proposal.
  11. Create shareable Instagram story templates like Valentine’s Bingo and put your Instagram handle at the bottom of the story template to tell your audience to share their results so you can boost your visibility.
  12. Partner with relevant social media accounts and co-host a product giveaway or contest by requiring entry to win by tagging new accounts and requiring your account to be followed for entry.
  13. Create a social media post and end with a call to action to tag a Galentine.
  14. Share a Starbucks gift card bar code to your Instagram feed to show your love for your audience.
  15. Share a #throwbackthursday picture of you and your love since Valentines is on Thursday this year.
  16. Offer a free gift with purchase.
  17. Create a Valentine’s hashtag challenge to boost your visibility and encourage community engagement (#showthelove).
  18. Make a Valentine’s day gift guide with shoppable links.
  19. Promote a quiz for something relevant like “What gift should you buy your significant other?” or “What’s your business love language?” to boost your email list growth.
  20. Create blog posts or devotionals about love and end with a call to action to your email list or Valentine’s day special.
  21. Feature someone else’s Valentine’s product as a paid sponsored post or swap sponsored posts to increase your profile traffic
  22. If you offer free consultations as part of your business, consider promoting X amount of extended consultations/mini-sessions for this holiday week. So for example, if you offer free 15 minute consultations regularly, consider offering 30-minute sessions for this week only.
  23. Share your favorite books about love and link them to your Amazon store affiliate page.
  24. Create a shareable graphic to email to your list or post on social media that encourages women to share their “wish list” with their significant other. Like  “Dear love, I thought you might want to know how much I love this pretty product. *wink wink*”. 😉


Ok, now that I’ve just realized I’ve got some serious Valentine’s Day content to crank out myself, I’m gonna leave this list right here.😂

Are content ideas always a struggle for you? Are you always wondering what on Earth you should blog about, email about, or how to promote or post on social media??

Join us for the conversation and all the best tips and tricks over in the always free membership. Start your free membership here.


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