"Growing my business online is so easy!"

Trust us, we know exactly what it's like: Getting all the inspiration, but stressing and feeling frustrated over not being able to afford expert advice to take your business to the next level...or not knowing where to even start with this whole 'grow your business online' while feeling simultaneously called thing.

The good news? We believe you should have one stop shop for all your kingdom building needs, that expert advice shouldn’t cost you a fortune and that you should never feel like your God-given dreams are impossible
(or that no one “gets you”.)

-Said no business owner ever.

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Because growing your impact and income on these internet streets shouldn't be so dang hard (or expensive )-- that's why our membership is free and includes:

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A member's favorite. We'll routinely hook you up with private invites to workshops, mini-trainings, and live coaching sessions from industry pros so you can grow your impact and income.

Because friends don't let friends get boring emails. Our emails are packed with stories of real women from around the globe, exclusive collaboration opportunities, private workshop invites, biz advice, downloads,  discounts (for our shop that will launch prayerfully soon) and more!

A.K.A. "Where the magic happens." Your invite-only access to our community where you get to promote your services/products, answer all your sticky business  Q's, post prayer requests, cheer each other on, network, AND where all the expert trainings go down. (See #2)




it's pretty simple.

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