Sure do. An initial deposit (non-refundable) is required to reserve your spot on our calendar and then the rest of the payment due can be split into monthly payments and is required before final file delivery.

do you offer payment plans?



All of our brand packages kick off with a brand discovery call and a little client homework like creating a Pinterest inspiration board. You get several concepts, rounds of revisions, final artwork, and launch guide alongside unlimited email access during our time together. For more details and what's included, check out the process and download our 2020 pricing guide here.

can you tell me more about the branding process? How does it work?


Glad you asked. It's one of the things that makes working with us unique. Brand story is the narrative that you tell through your brand's words, visuals, and content. More than that though, it's how other's perceive you and the story they tell about you- which is why discovering all the elements that make up yours is crucial to your success. "Brand Story Strategy" then is the overall plan to make sure your brand is set apart from "everyone elses" and converts readers into loyal fans and raving customers.

what is "brand story" and "brand story strategy"?


Yep, and it's some of our favorite. Whether you need a custom marketing plan, branding package, or combination of both-- we'd love to hear about your custom needs! Just shoot us an email to chat.

do you offer custom work?


Nope. No monthly contract commitment, just month to month as you please with a 14 day notice if you plan to secure your spot for the following month. Hourly rates and half-day rates are also available upon request.

are there monthly requirements for consulting?


We love this quote that answers that: "Hire a consultant when you need an expert who can tell you what to do. Hire a coach when you want to discover it yourself." 

Forbes also wrote an amazing article articulating the difference here.

what's the difference between coaching and consulting?


Virtual assistants are great for administration execution and agencies are good for overall strategy, execution, account management, and growth planning.  An agency is also a one-stop shop and point of contact so you don't have to juggle several VA's or freelancers (hello streamlined communication and emails!) freeing up even more time for you to get back to doing what you're best at.



*Clears throat for formal response*

Known for our unapologetic point of view and self-expression, we cultivate boldness in everything we do. We discover your unique brand story (a client-favorite) and pair it with data driven discernment to leverage brand diversity and jumpstart the authentic credibility, connectivity, and cash flow you crave. 

Bridging the gap between personal brand and big business, we're committed to fusing smarts and heart in order to deliver the ultimate marketing master plan to steward your business well and scale your business with total authenticity AND confidence.

In other words, our unique brand approach that combines brand story strategy and data-driven market research and analysis, allows us to make sure your brand stands out from "everyone else" on these internet streets and that your marketing strategy allows you to get the most bang for your buck. 

what makes your agency different than others?


more q's? let's chat!