From how to stand out in a saturated market to figuring out who you're ideal client really even is...let's deep dive into the heart of your brand and get you the brand clarity you need to create a foundational business guide for all your future marketing needs.


An entrepreneur's guide to authentic branding and business direction.

Because creating an "authentic brand" is all the marketing rage but how do you uh, actually "do it"?? With your brand story.

Imagine a tangible, unwavering set of guidelines to ensure authenticity, alignment, and consistent, inspired ACTION sitting right next to you every single day.

•You’d confidently show up for, truly serve, and attract more of your ideal audience... 

•You’d quit wallowing in self-doubt and comparison-city and finally get the confidence you’ve been dreaming of to move forward in your business…. 

•You’d be so dang motivated from all your new found brand clarity, you’d finally choose an idea and actually see it through for once... 

Oh, And the best part? You'd validate that God-given vision of yours and know without a shadow of doubt each day that you're working towards it. #PTL 

what's inside

The She Is Bold Brand Story Strategy

01. Instant access to our gorgeous 50 page PDF download including your workbook, brand story guide, and template. 

02. 10 short video trainings (60 minutes total) packed with all the meat and potatoes of brand story strategy and how to find and use yours--SIB brand story examples included.

03. 9 discovery style worksheets to uncover your unique brand personality, how to best serve your ideal client, and more to set you apart from the competition-- idea bank and real life examples to reference included.

04. Our easy peezy brand story implementation guide ,alignment checklist, and decision-making scorecard that you can start using right away.

05. Guaranteed lifetime access to all future updates... and more!

Discover your unique brand story and learn how to authentically serve and impact your ideal client with more effective marketing messages.

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