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5 Signs that it’s time to rebrand your business

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Should you rebrand your business? Long story short, not always. But if you’re nodding your head “yes” to any of these 7 signs that it’s time to rebrand below, you definitely should.

01. If you don’t show up online because you’re embarrassed by your brand and/or website…

Maybe you don’t love that all your social media graphics and website aren’t all cohesive so you’d rather not post anything at all. Or maybe you hate telling people “link in bio” because you’re scared to death they’ll see your outdated website. Not putting your brand “out there” because of brand shame shouldn’t be the thing holding your business back but, if it is, then pretty please get yourself some new branding you’re proud of.

02. If you aren’t getting inquiries that excite you or attract your ideal client…

Good branding should attract and connect with your ideal client. It should say “Hey! I’m all about this and I can help you!” and those smacking that WORK TOGETHER button should be saying “OMG, this is so me! I need this!!”. But, if you’re getting more leads (or none at all!) that aren’t good fits, aren’t willing to pay your price, or has a personality you just aren’t vibing with…book a rebrand.

03. If you don’t know what to say or how to position your messaging differently from everyone else…

The dictionary defines branding as “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” Did you catch that? Branding done the right way should be distinctive. So if your visual design isn’t distinctive and/or you don’t know how to set your messaging apart from everyone else…meaning, the words you use to market your business in things like social media captions, website copy, etc…you definitely need a rebrand.

“61% of people are more likely to buy from

companies with unique content.”


04. If you feel like current brand and website isn’t reflecting you or your personality…

Trust me, I get it. Branding is INSANELY personal, especially as a personal brand! If you know that you and your personality and offerings are what makes you different, but your brand isn’t communicating the “you” you want to portray, you should invest in a rebrand… and hire someone that specializes in personal branding. *Cough* Me 😬. 

05. If your brand and website isn’t conveying your value or making you feel like you can charge your worth…

Know you have a bomb offering to help serve your audience but your branding doesn’t reflect your skill set or price point? Consider a rebrand to showcase the value of working with you and that you’re worth the price tag.

Still on the fence about if you need a rebrand or not? Shoot me an email to and let’s chat about it.

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